A close up on the underside of a car by the tire, showing the suspension

Common Suspension Issues


Your vehicle’s suspension system is an important system that helps to smooth out your ride and keep your tires in contact with the road. The suspension is located underneath the car, along with your car’s frame, steering system, and tires. It is made up of several parts including: the springs, the shocks, and the struts. If your vehicle is having a suspension issue, this can lead to a bumpy (and potentially dangerous) ride.

Suspension Issue #1: Your Ride is Bumpy

It’s not unusual to come across a bumpy road, especially in Pennsylvania. Part of the job of your car’s suspension, however, is to smooth out the bumps you come across so that you don’t feel them. If you notice an unusual amount of bumps in your ride, this may indicate a problem with your car’s struts. The struts can affect your car’s steering and alignment, making it difficult to drive safely. It’s important to have an experienced mechanic, like the ones at Restored Auto, LLC, check your struts as soon as possible.

Suspension Issue #2: Your Car is Vibrating

If your bumpy ride feels a little more like vibrations, especially in the steering wheel, this may indicate a problem with your shocks. Your shocks are there to absorb the bumps your tires may hit, and they are made up of several different components. When the steering wheel is vibrating, this likely means that either the piston seal (in the shock or strut assembly) or the valves between the pistons have broken. With either problem, it’s important to get your car repaired quickly.

Suspension Issue #3: Your Car is Braking or Turning Erratically

As mentioned above, your shocks help to absorb the bumps in the road. They do this through a process called dampening. This is when your car’s springs are slowed by hydraulic fluid. If your shocks’ fluid becomes unregulated, this can lead to uneven weight on your car and can cause erratic swerving while turning or braking. This is dangerous as it can lead you to overcorrect or potentially swerve out of control. Make sure you take your car to an experienced mechanic as soon as you notice any kind of swerving.

Suspension Issue #4: Part of Your Car is Sitting Lower

If you notice one corner of your car sitting lower than the others (and it’s not caused by uneven tires), this could be a suspension issue. It may mean one of your car’s springs has broken or worn down. Try pushing down on your car and releasing it. If you hear creaking or squealing, it’s time to call Restored Auto, LLC.

Other Signs to Watch Out For

Suspension issues may look similar to other issues. Leaking fluid, difficulty steering, and pulling to one side while driving are all indicators of a problem with your suspension, or a problem with something else. If your ride feels different and you’re not totally sure why, call Restored Auto, LLC. We can help you diagnose the problem and make any necessary repairs. Your safety is important, so don’t delay on getting your car checked out. Call Restored Auto, LLC today!