Safety & Emissions Inspections in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections and vehicle emission inspections for almost all vehicles that travel Pennsylvania roadways. These inspections help to prevent vehicle failures that could result in collisions. As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for having your vehicle inspected on an annual, and sometimes semi-annual, basis.

Where can you get your vehicle inspected?

You can have your vehicle inspected at official PennDOT inspection stations. Official stations will have a keystone-shaped sign from PennDOT, like the one pictured here.

Different counties have different emissions requirements, so it’s a good idea to visit an inspection station in the county where your vehicle is registered. Restored Auto, LLC is an inspection station located in Berks County. If you’re looking to have your vehicle inspected in Berks, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Does every vehicle need to be inspected?

Any vehicle registered in Pennsylvania that’s moving on a highway must be inspected. This includes cars, vans, trucks, school buses, emergency vehicles, and motor homes. There are some exceptions listed below:

  • Farming equipment (defined by PennDOT as “implements of husbandry”),
  • Special mobile equipment,
  • Trailers with a registered gross weight of 3,000 pounds or less,
  • Motor vehicles or trailers being driven/towed for purposes of inspection,
  • Antique vehicles,
  • And motorized pedal-cycles.

For the full list of inspection exceptions, visit PennDOT’s website.

Does every vehicle need an annual inspection?

Most vehicles are required to have an annual inspection in Pennsylvania, though there are some that require semi-annual inspections. School buses and other vehicles owned or contracted by schools must have semi-annual inspections. Passenger vans that transport employees and mass transit vehicles are also required to have semi-annual inspections.

Emissions Testing in Pennsylvania

In addition to a vehicle safety inspection, you are also required to have emissions testing done on your vehicle. Emissions testing is required to help keep Pennsylvania’s air clean. Certain counties have stricter emissions regulations than others. Berks County is included in the South Central Region of Pennsylvania and has required emissions testing since 2004.

You will not receive a vehicle safety inspection certification until your vehicle can pass required emissions testing. Berks County requires most vehicles from 1996 and any newer vehicle to pass an OBD I/M Check and a Gas Cap Test annually. Most vehicles from 1975 to 1995 are required to have a Gas Cap Test and Visual Anti-Tampering check performed annually. You can go here for more specifics on your county.

Visit Restored Auto, LLC for your next vehicle inspection.

If you need a vehicle inspected in Berks County, visit Restored Auto, LLC. We perform vehicle safety and emissions inspections. We can also make any necessary repairs or perform any routine maintenance so your vehicle can pass inspections. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

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