TPMS and Low Tire Pressure


As part of the TREAD Act, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has required all vehicles to be equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). TPMS monitors your car’s tire pressure and alerts you when the pressure is low. If the light stays on while you are driving, at least one of your tires has low pressure. If the light flashes, this likely means there’s another problem (a bad sensor, a faulty monitor, or some other system failure).

Why Tire Pressure is Important

Tires with low pressure can be dangerous and cause damage to your vehicle. When one or more of your tires are underinflated, this can make your vehicle harder to handle and it can reduce braking performance. It can also lead to a decrease in fuel economy. An underinflated tire is more susceptible damage from potholes or other road hazards, and you can put your alignment at risk. By keeping your tires inflated to the recommended level, you can help to prolong the life of your tires, protect your car from damage, and drive more safely.

Resetting Your TPMS Light

A glowing yellow tire pressure dashboard light icon on a black background

This is an example of what a Low Tires Pressure light looks like.

In most cases, resetting your TPMS light simply requires properly inflating your tires. Using a tire pressure gauge, measure the amount of pressure in each tire. Check the PSI against what’s listed on the placard inside your driver’s side doorjamb. Once you’ve located which tire or tires are underinflated, you can refill the tires to the proper level. You can use an air pump at a gas station or an air compressor and tire chuck. After the tires are all filled to the proper level, the light should turn off. You may need to drive your car for about 10 minutes before the TPMS registers the change.

Some vehicles have a reset button and others have a resetting procedure. If refilling your tires doesn’t remove the TPMS light, check your owner’s manual for information on a button or procedure. If that still doesn’t work, your TPMS may need some maintenance.

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